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Beyond the banner ad. OH provides engaging & informative CONTENT-driven advertising. We are innovators in this arena. The advantages of content-driven marketing are many. Sponsored content is not only searchable, but improves your company’s search engine optimization (show up in search engine more often and closer to the top). Whereas banner ads may be able to catch an eye, they are unable to tell a story. Customized sponsored content provides readers with an enjoyable way to learn about who you are and what you do. Further, content allows us to position an advertiser in a targeted fashion- be viewed as a knowledgeable expert in your field, show your fun side, highlight your charitable contributions. The possibilities are endless.

All posts are not only spotlighted on our highly viewed website, but are also promoted through our extensive social media networks, including Facebook & Twitter.

Lastly, all sponsored content remains on the site forever, providing advertisers with lasting results.

Examples of sponsored advertising on Ocean Happening:

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Sponsored Videos

Similar to sponsored content, videos add that much more interaction for our readers. Give readers a tour of your facility, a product demonstration or just show people your expertise with their own eyes and ears!

Example of a Sponsored Video

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