Back-To-School: Inside The Lunchbox!

Packing lunches for your little ones is probably nothing new to many parents, however, this mundane task could end up being fun and creative for parents and will leave your children so excited for lunchtime. Here are some simple ideas to get the creativity flowing as everyone prepares for their last stop of back-to-school shopping – the supermarket!

8451892800_524357f902_n-1Use Shapes and Colors – Even cheese for snacking comes in different fun shapes that can be bought from the supermarket, but you can create your own! Shaped cookie cutters and packing lunches for children go together like peas and carrots. They make a simple lunch very exciting, and are so easy to use! Pair foods with different colors since us adults already know, we eat with our eyes first.

Create Mini ‘Kabobs’ – This is a great opportunity to incorporate nutritious foods in with kid-friendly foods. For example, try putting some marshmallows and fruit together on a skewer.

8514021982_18b24f9e4a_nPack Variety – Today, lunches are heading more towards the ‘bento box’ idea where there is a little bit of everything. This is also a great opportunity to get in all of the basic food groups into one lunch.

Choose Foods That Aren’t ‘Stinky’ – Well, kids will be kids! When it comes to lunchtime, this also means that they are just beginning to understand other cultures and traditions in the many different surrounding families of their peers. Therefore, leaving the chicken curry or the stuffed peppers for another time may be best to avoid any unfamiliar smells that some children may find to be offensive or “yucky.”

Leave a Note – They really do love knowing you’re thinking about them throughout the day!

9016202009_947de36ff5_nLove the Lunchbox – You may have noticed during school shopping that there is a lunchbox for every purpose. This is exciting and much more fun than what we had even ten years ago, let alone a few decades ago. Make sure your child is proud to bring their lunchbox to school and choose one that is BPA-free!

Happy Lunch-Packing Mornings!

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